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Between Interval - Legacy

Between Interval - Legacy


Tracklist CD/digital

  1. The Tunnel
  2. On Track
  3. Accelerant **
  4. The Hour Appointed *
  5. Septimal Laws **
  6. Fields of Neptune
  7. The Outer Shell
  8. Gravity Core
  9. Inner Guidance
  10. Closing In *
* Bonus track (not on vinyl version)
** Track extended for CD & digital version

Tracklist vinyl/LP

  1. The Tunnel
  2. On Track
  3. Accelerant
  4. Septimal Laws
  5. Fields of Neptune
  6. The Outer Shell
  7. Gravity Core
  8. Inner Guidance
CD/digital/download album and limited edition colored vinyl, Spotted Peccary Music
Release date: April 7, 2017

Spotted Peccary Music

Breaking 8 years of silence, LEGACY is the result of several years of accumulated inpiration. It is a genre-crossing atmospheric ambient sci-fi journey, perhaps best described as an electronic melting pot containing and combining elements of electronica, chill out, dub techno, space music and Berlin school.

The cover artwork for LEGACY is designed and produced by acclaimed artist Michal Karcz, further enhancing the musical experience. LEGACY will be out on CD and digital/download/streaming on April 7, 2017. It will then shortly be followed by a limited edition vinyl/LP which will be the first Between Interval release ever on this format.

"...the overarching theme of LEGACY is one of exploration; discovering what lies beyond the next horizon or boundary, facing the next challenge. The human desire to push farther and keep exploring is the legacy of mankind, and whether reaching for the stars, or diving ever inward, it resides deep within each individual, propelling the voyage through a space called home."

Where to get this album:
Spotted Peccary Music webshop (all formats)

Reviews & comments

This is space music, pure and simple. Damn fine space music too.
Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K.

...the very well-produced and mastered "Legacy" feels like a lush journey airing various levels of energy as it paints a new set of cinematic-angled sketches.
Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

Stefan Strand returns in a very great shape after a silence of very close to 8 years
Sylvain Lupari, Synth&Sequences

Impeccably crafted, Legacy deftly segues between related ambient sub-genres, among them electronica, spacemusic, soundscaping, and even dub-techno.

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