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LEGACY vinyl/LP now shipping

(Original post created: 2017-05-06 17:38:43)

Between Interval - LEGACY sleeve and colored vinyl record

The limited edition colored vinyl is now shipping! It exists only in 500 copies, make sure you get one before they're gone. Each LP includes a download code for the extended version. The no. 1 place to get it is from the Spotted Peccary webshop, but if you're located on another continent and the international shipping fee seems a bit pricey, it's also available from several other resellers around the world, for example Amazon (UK), Amazon (India), Amazon (Japan), Ginza (Sweden) and many more - maybe you can find one in your country if you Google it. I might have a few copies up for sale through betweeninterval.com within a couple of weeks as well.

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